8×8 Grow Tent Picture I took From my Friend’s Home

This is a picture of grow tent that I took from my friend’s place. The reason I took this picture is not because I love but because my friend loves this grow tent. He says that this grow tent has provided some of the beautiful flowers that he had ever seen.

The size of grow tent is 8×8 which is medium sized grow tent.

You can grow any sort of plants in it. And if you are purchasing Gorilla Grow Tents then you can even grow taller plants.

He has several other grow tents in his home and yard. And I am planning to take pictures of those too. But for now I was able to take only this grow tent.

My friend says that other grow tents are filled with fruiting plants and must not be disturbed. Hence, I didn’t force him.

However, you can expect other grow tent pictures soon enough.