Pros of using LED grow lights

Nowadays, the LED Grow Lights have gained popularity around the world. The introduction of LED Grow Lights into the grow rooms is revolutionizing the indoor farming industry. LED Grow Lights have several advantages as compared to traditional lighting systems. Here are the Pros of using LED Grow Lights.

#1. Increased lifespan 

LED Grow Lights have incredibly long lifespan as compared to traditional lighting systems. These lights can last up to 100,000 hours of continuous lighting. Unlike, LED Grow Lights don’t abruptly stop working but slowly decrease in brightness. This provides the grower with adequate time to install a new set of lights.

Increased lifespan makes LED growing lights are ideal for indoor growing. Plants that are grown indoors require constant lighting to grow properly. In this case, LED Grow Lights will save the grower a lot of time and money on maintenance.

#2. Optimum wavelengths 

Plants grow well under specific wavelengths where absorption of chlorophyll is optimum. Research shows that indoor plants absorb more chlorophyll when exposed to blue and red lighting colors. Plants absorb maximum chlorophyll on specific wavelengths; between 400 to 500nm and between 600 to 700nm. LED Grow Lights are designed to match these optimum wavelengths. This improves the growth efficiency of plants as compared to the traditional lighting system.

#3. More energy savings 

LED Grow Lights have high energy efficiency and significantly decrease the energy consumption in a grow room. When compared to High-Pressure Sodium lamps, LED Grow Lights are shown to reduce the energy consumption by up to 40 percent. In this case, LED growth will save the growers a lot of money on energy bills. This makes LED Grow Lights the best solution for sustainable indoor farming.

#4. Produce less heat 

Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED Grow Lights emit less heat. This is crucial because much heat can damage the plants or lead to stunted growth. Also, high temperatures in your grow room may create unfavorable environment for your plants.

The fact that LED Grow Lights produce less eliminate the need for air conditioning in your grow room. This will significantly reduce the operating cost, which helps the grower save a lot of money. Growers who use traditional lighting system are faced challenges from external heat issues during summers. However, the LED-based grow rooms can run throughout the year hence providing growers with a constant source of revenue.

#5. Highly flexible

When using LED Grow Lights, the growers can benefit from the flexible design that makes the lighting system ideal for many applications. This is very handy because it allows the grower to use different methods of placement to achieve optimum lighting for plants.

These lights can be fixed on the ceiling or used between the plants. In fact, less light is lost to the environment when LED Grow Lights are used near plants.


Over the past few years, LED Grow Lights have gained popularity among indoor growers. They are superior as compared to the traditional lighting system. Unlike conventional lighting system, LED Grow Lights are easier to set up. Moreover, these lights can last for several years while consuming less amount of energy. In this case, growers will save a lot of money by using LED Grow Lights.