How to Increase Yield in Hydroponics

The aim of any gardener is to produce bigger yields out of the hydroponics garden. How do you increase the yields from your hydroponics system? This is the question that is on the minds of many gardeners. This takes hard work, careful consideration of some factors, and the right equipment. With these tips on how to increase hydroponic yields, you will be assured of getting abundant harvest.

How to increase hydroponic yield

#1. Keeping the Growers Journal

Tracking all the variables in your hydroponics system is crucial. Usually, it is hard to pinpoint what made your plants produce lower or higher yields. In this case, Growers Journal is used to track all changes applied to the hydroponics system. It tracks the pH level, nutrients, lights, watering and how your plants are faring on a daily basis. This data will help you pinpoint the factors that are helping your plants. As time go by, you will determine the factors that produce high yields and implement them in your hydroponics garden.

#2. Maintaining the optimum water levels

Water is the most crucial element in hydroponics. However, the roots of your plants will rot if too much water is used. Also, the roots will dry out if there is too little water in your system. In this case, you should adjust the watering to achieve optimum hydration. Before and after each watering, watch the leaves of the plants. If the leaves appear too vibrant after watering, then you should add more water. On the other hand, watering should be done less often if the leaves of the plant seem to wilt after watering.

#3. Using the right nutrients

Choosing the right nutrients is a surefire tip of achieving the higher yields in the hydroponics gardening. The conventional fertilizers may not have the right nutrients for the hydroponics. In this case, you should choose the nutrients that are specifically designed for hydroponics growing in order to achieve bigger yields. You can purchase these fertilizers from a reputable hydroponic store near you.

#4. Proper use of CO2 Generators

When used properly, CO2 generators are vital tools for promoting the plant growth. If used by inexperienced growers, it may kill the crops or even cause explosions that can jeopardize your safety. When using CO2 generators, it is advisable to increase the light and amount of nutrients in the system. Moreover, you should measure the atmosphere conditions in the system. Under optimum conditions, your plants can handle up to 1500 parts per million of CO2. If the CO2 levels go beyond 2000 parts per million, it will kill your plants. The most important thing is to have a good understanding of how these generators work before using them.

#5. Pruning

Parts that are rotting or withered tend to use more energy thus hampering the yields of the plants. Removing stems and leaves that are weak or rotting can significantly increase the yields by promoting the health of your hydroponics plants.


As a hydroponic gardener, your aim is to make profits through better yields. With these tips on how to increase hydroponic yield, you will get a bumper harvest. However, you should be willing to work hard and use the right approach in order to achieve maximum hydroponics yields.